40 cfs

Walker River - East Fork (NV) - (Lyon County)

by Jim Reid

The East is still running at 40 cfs right now and we've started getting more good reports from the river, both on the Cali and Nevada sides. I wouldn't say the fishing is easy but if you have your drifts down and put your time in you should be able to get into some nice fish. Most of the fish being reported are in the 15 to 21 inch range with a few going over 22 or 23. Still haven't had any good dry fly reports but the nymph and streamer action are both good. Nymphs and streamers to try include: mercury midge, rainbow warrior, zebra midge, wd-40, flashback emerger, san juan worm, zuddler, sculpzilla, moal leech, double bunny.

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