Jiggs Reservoir (Zunino Reservoir) - Elko, NV (Elko County)

by Nevada Department of Wildlife

The fish that were stocked on April 22, are cooperating with anglers as several fishermen report catching a number of fish up to 19 inches in length. With the work on the lake and dam completed and approved last year, the good runoff has helped put water into the lake and it is approximately 40-45 percent of capacity. The recently planted fish haven’t been “schooled” by anglers yet and are biting on most presentations. Several fly fishermen report catching fish using prince nymphs, black bead head crystal buggers, and renegades. The roads around the lake are extremely muddy, so anglers should park in the campgrounds and walk down to the lake. The reservoir is a wakeless water, meaning that while there are no motor restrictions, watercraft must be operated at a speed slow enough to produce a wake. Expect the same techniques and presentations that work at South Fork, to work here as well.