Ruby Lake NWR Fishing Report

Ruby Lake NWR - Elko, NV (Elko County)

by Nevada Department of Wildlife

Anglers can now put a boat with an electric motor only on the south Marsh. Bass fishing is still slow in the mornings and just fair in the afternoons. Generally bass fishing doesn’t get good until late July or early August. Not many bass are being caught, though some nice trout have come out of the ski pond. While water levels are down a bit due to the extended drought, they are up enough to launch a boat at the main boat ramp next Wednesday and a canoe at the Narciss Boat Ramp. As the summer warms up and the weeds grow, expect Narciss to become unusable sometime later this month. Soft plastic worms and grubs in dark greens, purple, blue and motor oil with sparkles in them rigged weedless are the way to fish for bass here. In the collection ditch fishing continues to be good for anglers willing to put the time in and move along it until they get into fish but watch for snakes. Fishing the collection ditch has been good for trout using a variety of flies, spinners and lures. Right now the best time to fish seems to be from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm when a mayfly hatch is going on. Flies that are working include prince nymphs, frostbite chironomids, black or olive wooly buggers, crystal buggers, PT’s, black callibaetis and mayfly emerger patterns. Dry flies should include Adams, PMD’s small elk hair caddis, damsel fly adults, hoppers, ants and small stimulators. Green, especially peacock herl, seems to be the predominant color that is working for wet flies. The collection ditch is artificial lures only.