Walker River East Fork Fishing Report

Walker River - West Fork (NV) - Wellington, NV (Lyon County)

by Liz Weirauch

TAKE TEMPS after 9 am... off at 69 degrees. You know, maybe this time of year, have a little fun, use a pair of dykes and cut the hook off completely.. go out see what will hit your fly.. pull it out of their mouth,, no harm, no foul and they won't be stressed from fighting in warm water and you still get to fish! Guides available for EARLY, EARLY morning ½ day trips. Dead drift light colored buggers (light olive, white),natural zonkers, clousers, copper johns, hare's ear, rubber legged stones, little yellow stones, red or black zebra midges, bubbleback midges, Hot Pink bugger, Tequila twist.
Flows 143cfs: flows about 50cfs below median. CATCH & RELEASE, NO BAIT, BARBLESS NO KILL.