Topaz Lake Fishing Report

Topaz Lake - Gardnerville, NV

by Liz Weirauch

CLOSES SEPTEMBER 30th..... Topaz Lake is still good for …. bass. Trout have gone a bit deep, The bass will certainly hit 'big uglies', buggers, dead drift cray fish. Cooler temps , the carp are harder to find FYI the canal temps were at 70 degrees coming out of the lake. Not good for C & R.
If fishing the LAKE of Topaz, a CA (OR) an NV.. if you turn to do the outlet (Topaz Canal) you must have a NV license. As is, turning to the inlet, you would have to have a CA license. Be informed the Canal area is now marked NO Trespassing about 2 miles from head wall (It is private property).