Heenan Lake Fishing Report

Heenan Lake - Markleeville, CA (Alpine County)

by Liz Weirauch

Opens TOMORROW ~~ on September 2nd!!! Catch and Release Only, No bait, No Kill, Barbless. Open September – October, only on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, Sunrise to Sunset (Specified) A handy link from your friendly flyshop: http://www.sunrisesunset.com/usa/California/Markleeville.asp
So if you've been into the shop, you know, we've told you.. this lake is not my friend (Don has no problem with the friendship with this lake) . Typically we've got that suspended algae floating around, be sure to check your flies and clean them often.. “If you got Spookem.. you won't hookem' “ Opening weekend take every damn fly boxes you have! These fish sometimes are hard to dial in, but here's what we hear from reports in past years.. typically they do like a very fast retrieve, opening weekend use large streamer patterns, your Pyramid bugs like snow cones, Mahalo's, buggers and beetles, a prince nymph (A few swear by this). An intermediate to full sink type IV line.. We've got people going up to partake in the “bowl of fruit loops” (no, we're not calling people fruity, but the lake from above, with all those different colored tubes, looks like fruit loop cereal!) Let us know of your weekend up there, post it here on our FB page or email it in to info@theanglersedge.com