Lake has risen

Indian Creek Reservoir - Markleeville, CA (Alpine County)

by Doug Busey

If I had not seen it myself I would not have believed it. The lake level has risen a little. Shore fishing this year is going to be a little crowded. On the side of the lake with the unimproved launch area, by the dam. The water level is about 60 to 80 feet from the restrooms, where before it was a one hundred feet or more to the water line. Josh Otto sent me a picture of the sign that reads  " No Motorized vehicles" that is located between where the water level has been for the last few years and the bathrooms. It is now submerge up to the bottom of that sign. The paved road is closed and gated, the dirt road from Diamond Valley is very questionable. On a cold dry day the lake is accessible, any rain at all and I would highly not recommend venturing in.

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