Wilson Reservoir Fishing Report

Wilson Reservoir - Mountain City, NV

by Nevada Department of Wildlife

The road to Wilson lots of potholes and washboards, so take your time, but fishing here has been good for trout and fair for bass. The lake is spilling with enough water going over the new rock below the spillway to let trout move down into the river and pools below the spillway. Fishing below the spillway had been good and should continue to be good while the lake spills. The water in the lake is clearing and fishing conditions are good. Trout were averaging 13 to 16 inches in the lake and a bit smaller below the spillway. Expect similar conditions to South Fork and anglers should use the same presentations, though if you are fishing below the spillway, presentations with action, such as spinners, small crankbaits and wooly buggers may be a better choice. In the lake the usual PowerBait or worms work well. Gold, green and yellow, or black and yellow spinners are working. Fly fishermen should be using chironomids, mayfly nymph and emergers, damselfly nymphs or wooly buggers for best results.