Jiggs Fishing Report

Jiggs Reservoir (Zunino Reservoir) - Elko, NV (Elko County)

by Nevada Department of Wildlife

Good water level and fairly clear water have improved fishing conditions at Jiggs Reservoir and fishing is good here when the wind isn’t blowing. Shore fishermen don’t appear to be faring as well as boaters or float tube anglers as the edges are getting a bit weedy and the fish are hanging in the deeper cooler water. Remember this is a wakeless water. It is difficult to launch much more than a small rowboat or car topper due to water and shore conditions. Small spinners, PowerBait or worms should all work. While fly rodders should be using chironomids, hares ears, small nymphs and wooly buggers. Recently, brown nymphs and wooly buggers fished with a sink tip or intermediate sink line were working. Jiggs was recently stocked with approximately 2000 catchable trout. Please return any black bass back to the lake to help with rebuilding the bass fishery here.