Carson River East Fork (CA) Fishing Report

Carson River - East Fork (CA) - Markleeville, CA (Alpine County)

by Liz Weirauch

Rivers were stocked for Free CA fishing day, on the 3rd and the Holiday weekend. Not much has changed for the fare that the fish will take. THOUGH.. it's time if the cooler temps keep with us that the October Caddis will be moving around. Buggers in olive or black, Caddis are still sporadically hatching, PMD's and BWO's of course the hoppers and ants are still around.. the first good 3 day freeze up there they'll certainly have a die off or go to a hidey hole... the fish should certainly still recognize them though. I'd certainly skate a stimulator in yellow or orange. Para-madam X in yellow or chartreuse. Nymphing: micro mayfly, EC caddis, PT, hare's ear, little yellow stone, caddis pupa, san Juan's. Catch & Release section (downstream at Hangman's Bridge), Like the water above, decent flows. The reports that we've gotten is that it's still a bit slow.. Walk away from the parking lot. Go further down stream. Still watch for the snakes, it's going to take a few freezes to put them to bed too. Same bug patterns as above. If in the C & R area, and using artificial lures, please give the fish a chance for an easier take, and cut off 2 of the hooks on a treble (and remember to check hooks in your shirt.. it's a $490 ticket for each barbed hook.)

Flows: average 67 cfs this week, still just 20 cfs below median flow. above Hangman's (along hwy 89/4)