Pyramid Lake Report

Pyramid Lake - Sutcliffe, NV (Washoe County)

by Matt Koles
(775) 351-6665

It’s cold in the high desert of Western Nevada this November. Feels like the Pyramid Lake everyone remembers. 

Reno got almost a foot of snow yesterday and the drive out to the lake was a bit sketch. They probably haven’t seen that much snow-that low since ’11. Low pressures keep rolling in from AK, and that’s what you want for good fly fishing at Pyramid Lake. 2- 3 days of of wind and chop and cloud cover make for a good bite, all day. On the other days you’ll want to fish early and late. It seems most all the beaches have fish on them, from the deep drop off beaches, to the gradual drops like South Nets, etc. You do not need a boat or tube any longer.

Be patient. I get a lot of dudes out there that want to move all around the lake, they get impatient. Say they heard a report from some dude at Cosby’s the day before how they slayed them at so and so beach and you have to go there. Great, but Pyramid is a big lake and there’s fish all over it. If you’re set up on a beach with some wind blowing in on you, you’re probably good. Usually the fish will come to you at some point in the day. Never, and I repeat never, leave a beach where’s there’s fish to go to another one. If you’re catching a few here and there, good, stay. The big one will probably pop by at some point in time.

Our clinic this Saturday is pretty much full, but we can squeeze in another lucky angler.