East Carson River Update

by Liz Weirauch

E. CARSON: CA: Flows: 31 cfs above Hangman's (along hwy 89/4) River is clear. And flows have come up. Fish are spread out in the holes. It will behoove you to use a bit of stealth. If you must dry fly, EHC, orange or yellow stimi, but be sure to put a dropper on. It really is time to start nymphing it. Water is cooled Red copper john, PT's, rainbow warrior, buggers in black or olive or the Yellow Crystal bugger. Deaddrifting with a CLEAR indicator will help alleviate a shy fish. CATCH & RELEASE section (downstream at Hangman's Bridge) Clear, and flows from Markleeville creek have flows a little higher than above the bridge. Airport, Leviathan, Hellhole areas recommended; Caddis pupa, micro mayflies, zebra midges, hoppers, red copper john. We'd love to hear reports of October Caddis, but haven't yet, that doesn't mean you shouldn't throw one of the October caddis nymph's on.

E. CARSON: NV: Flows: 44cfs Getting a few more cfs (Cubic Feet per Second) off of Bryant creek near the state border. The stocking from NDOW a few weeks ago still is viable. Hit the entire river.. remember: you think that they're all “over there” when they were just at your feet! Stimi's , EHC, ants, adams, Copper johns, little yellow stones, rubber legged stones, nitro caddis, red zebra midges, mahalos.