Truckee River Update

Truckee River

by Tahoe Fly Fishing Staff

This past week has been cold to say the least. With temps in the teens to single digits, winter is here and the crowds are lacking. At least on the water. With the ski season gearing up for most means the fishing season is quieting down for the seasonal crowd around here. But that doesn’t mean the fish are taking a break as well. Just gotta think small for the most part. The big Truckee looks cold and icy as of yesterday. But the temps are climbing up a little bit this week as we are kicking that cold snap to the side for a bit. The warming trend should pick things up a bit this week. But while the Truckee is iced up like your guides have been all week the Little Truckee remains in great shape. Since she is a tail water her temps are much more consistent than her bigger brother through out the year. Small is the name of the game right now. Think softer water and stay persistent. Just remember, you can’t catch them sitting on the couch.

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