Truckee River Flows Up

Truckee River

by Matt Koles
(775) 351-6665

We are at 111% of average snowpack in the Northern Sierra’s. More is on the way tonight. A very big departure from the last 4 years.

The Truckee River came up again to almost 500 cfs here in the Hirsh, way higher down lower, and has mellowed out to about 300 today here. It should be slowly lowering until the next high snow/ rain event. Funny thing, the El Nino influenced jet steam has not even kicked in yet. I think we are going to see some serious shit go down weather wise all over Ca., especially in my neck of the woods-soon.

The fishing is good with these increased flows on the river. It’s a trip to see the river above 300 cubes after how long it’s been low. It looks huge, but it’s actually still on the low side. Boca has risen considerably in the last week, and there is actually some water coming out of Lake Tahoe again.

Cold water temps mean you need to put the fly in front of the fish. I guess you always have to do that, but with cold water temps, trout do not like to move far to chase your fly. That being said, we have been doing very well with streamers the last month, especially the last few days. Of course nymphs will usually out fish the streamer rig in winter, but it’s a lot cooler getting them on the streamer. You can get away using a switch rod swinging streamers now with the increased flows. Kinda everything is good again.

I’ve been mostly fishing on the Ca side, but I’ll be doing some more stuff in Nevada again. Maybe doing some floats (flows permitting) maybe some switch rod classes (Ca), and some winter nymphing type classes too.

I’ve been really pleased with the abundance and size of the trout we have been catching after the low flows of this summer. Things are looking up for the Truckee River. Things seem right in the World again.

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