Topaz Derby Week 9

Topaz Lake - Gardnerville, NV

by Topaz Lodge Staff
(775) 266-3338

Hello everybody! The derby for week 9 was really good with 41 fish over 2lbs turned in. That makes 569 fish overall for this year’s derby.

1st place was Lucas Cunningham of Reno NV with  4lb 11oz and 21in. 2nd place was Ron Williams of Sparks with 3lbs 8oz and 18in.  There no tagged fish turned in for this week but there are plenty more out there. Boats vs. Shore are about 50/50 now. They are using worms and powerbait on the shore And trolling with Rapala on the boats. Sorry none of the pictures we took turned out will get some good ones next week

Also, if you haven’t heard there is going to be the HOOK, LINE, AND SINKER Fishing derby Hosted by the Topaz Lodge. April 9th and 10th  and there is a $65.00 buy in. You can sign up at the General Store.

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