Fishing Forecast by NDOW

by Nevada Department of Wildlife

The new license year just began and spring fishing is getting into swing after a winter that provided some drought relief and brought water to many of Nevada’s fisheries.

This week on Nevada Wild, Edwin and Teresa get the fishing condition updates from NDOW Fisheries Chief Jon Sjoberg. Find out information on the fishing forecast and fish stocking in the state’s ponds, rivers and reservoirs.

Stick around for the second half of the show to learn how anglers, through their license purchase, make a significant contribution to sport fish restoration. These efforts help all aquatic species by maintaining diverse aquatic environments and aquatic habitats.

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Nevada Department of Wildlife Reports
for Thursday, March 3rd, 2016
: New License Year Bring New Opportunities
Ruby Lake NWR: Ruby Lake Tiger Trout
Angel Lake: New Reports in Spring
Cave Lake: Unsafe Ice
Cold Creek Reservoir: 100% Ice Covered
Illipah Reservoir: Unsafe Ice?
Jakes Creek Reservoir (Boies Reservoir):
Jiggs Reservoir (Zunino Reservoir): Pray for Snow
Ruby Lake NWR: Ruby Lake Intel
South Fork Reservoir: Projected to be Good
Wild Horse Reservoir: Lake Level Rising
Willow Creek Reservoir: Not worth the Trip
Wilson Reservoir: Almost Ready

Nevada Department of Wildlife Reports
for Wednesday, February 24th, 2016

Lake Mead: Good at Overton Arm
Lake Mohave: Morning Hours are Best
Lake Mohave: Arizona Side is Hot
: All Urban Ponds have been Stocked
Kirch Wildlife Management Area: Unsafe
Dacey Reservoir: Has some Open Water
Eagle Valley Reservoir: Water is Murky
Echo Canyon Reservoir: Spilling Now
Lorenzi Park Pond: Fishing Derby at Lorenzi