Truckee River Fish Report

Truckee River

by Matt Koles
(775) 351-6665

The Truckee River is running big, and should stay big for the foreseeable future, as more weather is headed our way. We received some big snows up top and that should help us out and get us through this summer. Yes, we will have water all summer in the Truckee River. Boca is filling rather nicely, and Stampede has come up about 15 feet in just a few days. It’ll be interesting to see how much Lake Tahoe will come up later this spring when the snow melts.

Flows are up over 800 cfs in the Hirsch, and much higher down lower though Nevada. Nice and big, how I like it. There’s about 1.5′ of vis, just fine, remember, trout can see just fine in the off colored water. Check the flows before you come up. If the river is over 1000 cubes at Boca you may have a tough time. Right now it’s all good though. Take your on pick how you want to fish. I like to fish the edges with streamers and nymphs. Trout of course will stay out of the main current and in the softer stuff, like along banks and in tailouts and things. We have a lot of blue wings moving around, and skwala stoneflies too. Anything that resembles those bugs will get you fish. Spring is also a good time for attractor nymphs. Hard to beat a prince nymph in the bigger water. Of course crayfish and sculpins should be good to go too. The water is still cold, but the fish will chase, jigging streamers in cold water is my rig of choice. Big grabs.

The bigger water pushes a lot of food down, and I imagine these fish will put on some weight. We should have an excellent year, this year on the river.

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