Truckee River Update

Truckee River

by Liz Weirauch

Flows in Mogul are about 364 – 313 cfs average. Fishing pretty well on the California side Honestly lots of bugs on the river. You can't go wrong. Caddis, PMD, midges, stoneflies, craws, drakes. . And up higher on the NV side. Stones, Green Drake nymphs (Olive hare's ear, in a pinch) San Juans , Rainbow warriors. If you're adventurous, throw a big ugly Rabbit strip fly to clean up a run or hole. It was hit pretty hard with 2 years of hard drought and really warm water temps. There are some survivors and that's good. If we want the repopulation of brown trout to be there, let them go (tell your spin or bait buddies) FWS dumped in a big load of Little LCT's.. good fodder for the browns and big 'bows.

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