Topaz Lake Fishing Report

Topaz Lake - Gardnerville, NV

Photo Credit: The Angler's Edge

by Liz Weirauch

Topaz Lake opens in 2 short weeks (okay, plus one day... geeze).

Weather Forecast is for the 31st (yah, no forecast out for the 1st yet), according to my handy dandy InAccurate weather, is a sunny 51 degrees with a 15% chance of precipitation.

We have a FEW openings in the rod repair department... if you have something that you forgot about last season, get it in! (<---says the rod repairer.... oh, hey, that's me!)

Does anyone remember in the late Spring of 2011 when the East Walker River ran at 900 cubic feet per second for 4 whole days and the water at Bridgeport Res., was up over the landing strip? Do you remember the Truckee running hard enough through the end of July and mid August that you were amazed at how much water was left flowing through the river?

These recent storms have certainly help fill the reservoirs! Davis will be full capacity, this season, first time in years, (due to CDW determining that the invasive species is finally eradicated and no fear of spill-over of them into the western drainage). Caples Lake is about 4" from the rim, Folsom is letting water out at 30,000 Cubic feet per second! Now all we need is to get the snow pack to pile up (first official reading is on January 1st)

We are looking forward to a really nice water year at this time... but of course the snow pack will tell!