Nevada Dream Tags Offers Sportsmen another Chance


The big game tag application deadline may have come and gone, but you still have a chance at the hunt of a lifetime.

For only $5 per raffle ticket, the Nevada Dream Tag gives sportsmen the shot at winning one of five premier big game tags (elk, California bighorn sheep, desert bighorn sheep, antelope and mule deer). The tags are similar to other western states’ raffle tags and "hunt of a lifetime" tags.

The money raised through the sale of the Dream Tags goes directly to desperately needed wildlife rehabilitation. In the past 20 years wildfires in Nevada have ravaged more than 13 million acres of crucial habitat. To date, the Nevada Dream Tag Program has been able to donate nearly $1 million to habitat projects.

One of the best aspects of this raffle is the ability to purchase tickets for your family and friends. Anyone can go online and purchase their favorite hunter chances at the hunt of a lifetime for their birthday or Christmas or any special occasion.

For those not interested in hunting, the Resource Enhancement Stamp can be purchased by anyone that wants to contribute to the preservation, protection, management and restoration of game and its habitat.

Tickets for the Nevada Dream Tag raffle are available now and will be sold until June 30 for this year’s hunting season. The winners will be announced in early July.

More information is on the Nevada Dream Tags program page.

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