News From The Nevada Department Of Wildlife

by Nevada Department of Wildlife

Contact:           Ivy Santee

Phone:             (702) 486-5127 x 3503

Date:                11/30/2017

Lake Mead – The best striper action is taking place in the morning when the fish are actively feeding on shad. Live shad, anchovies, shad imitations and swimbaits will catch the fish. Black bass have been biting on plastic worms later in the day. Catfish are taking anchovies in the coves of Las Vegas Bay. Changes in weather will bring some variations in fishing activity. Be prepared to make adjustments in your technique or bait.

Lake Mohave – Striper action continues to improve as the weather cools. Anchovies and lures are both catching the fish. Swimbaits have been effective just after sunrise and around sunset. Anglers have found black bass while working coves late in the morning.

Laughlin – Anglers found good trout fishing on the river over the holiday weekend. While PowerBait seems to produce the most bites, small Rooster Tails and other spinners are worth a shot when the bite slows. Fishing has been good below the dam and along Casino Row. Work eddies and the seams where fast and slow water come together. Striped bass fishing has been a little slow, but be patient. Fish are out there. One angler reportedly weighed in a striper pushing beyond the 8-pound mark. He caught the fish while throwing a pencil from shore along Casino Row.

Las Vegas Urban Ponds – Stocked rainbow trout are providing good action at the urban ponds. The fish are taking PowerBait, Power Eggs and a variety of small spinning lures and spoons. Anglers have been limiting out using PowerBait in florescent yellow-green coloration.

Kirch Wildlife Management Area – Fishing has been very good across the area this past week. Warm temperatures have kept the ice away and made for awesome fishing conditions. Rainbow trout have been taking a variety of baits and lures.

Eagle Valley Reservoir – According to park rangers, the fishing has been excellent this past week with most anglers limiting out on stocked rainbows. Some anglers have had success catching the bigger browns and tiger trout also. PowerBait, Power Eggs and night crawlers have all been catching fish. Float tubers and boaters have been doing well throwing spinning lures, spoons and flies. Warm temperatures are keeping the ice at bay.

Echo Canyon Reservoir – Fishing has been good, and the lake remains free of ice, but crowds are small. The few anglers who have tried their luck have been doing very well for stocked rainbows. PowerBait and night crawlers are catching the fish. Some anglers are still trying their luck for bass. 

Upcoming Fishing Events – NDOW will hold it teacher training for its “Trout in the Classroom” program Saturday, Jan. 27.  Trout in the Classroom is an incubation program which provides students the chance to observe fish hatch from eggs and grow to release size. For more information on the program, contact Ivy Santee at 702-486-5127 x 3503 or visit


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