Nevada Department of Wildlife - Fishing Report

by Nevada Department of Wildlife

Contact:           Ivy Santee

Phone:             (702) 486-5127 x 3503

Date:                1/6/2018

Fishing Report

Lake Mead – The black bass are biting outside of Callville Bay. Anglers are finding the fish holding in thick brush in coves. Smallies are biting on swimbaits, Rat-L-Traps, and jerkbaits. Stripers are taking live shad – both threadfin and gizzard shad -- in and around the Government Wash area. Catfish are taking anchovies fished on the bottom.

Lake Mohave – Fishing reports have been few, but mild temperatures make it a good time to be on the water. Action has been good for stocked rainbow trout at Willow Beach. The fish have been biting below the kayak launch beach. Stripers also have been active near Willow Beach with some anglers weighing in double-digit fish, some in the 12-pound range. Trout imitations and other lures are working well, but employees at Willow Beach Marina report selling plenty of anchovies, mackerel and night crawlers.

Laughlin – Cool temperatures kept many anglers off the water, but with warmer days returning so are the anglers. Look for stocked rainbows in shaded areas around docks, holes with overhanging vegetation, and along seams where slow and fast water come together. Typical baits like night crawlers and PowerBait will catch the fish. So too will spinners like a Panther Martin or Rooster Tail. Hungry stripers will take trout imitations, Bomber Long A’s, pencil poppers and anchovies.

Las Vegas Urban Ponds – The Nevada Department of Wildlife plans to stock rainbow trout in the ponds on a regular basis over the next several weeks. The limit is 3 fish. PowerBait, Power Eggs, and mealworms have been working for the bait fishers, while small lures and flies have also been catching fish. Please deposit all unwanted fishing line in the trash or recycling bins.

Kirch Wildlife Management Area – Thin ice has made the reservoirs a treacherous place for anglers wanting to ice fish.  There is still some open water remaining, but it can be found mainly near the middle of the reservoirs.

Eagle Valley Reservoir – According to park rangers, the ice is thin and unsafe for ice fishing. Some anglers have drilled holes just off the fishing dock so they can fish and have firm footing. There has been some open water that is accessible from the shoreline, but it tends to freeze up overnight. For up-to-date ice conditions contact Spring Valley State Park at 775-962-5102.

Echo Canyon Reservoir – Fishing activity has been minimal as thin ice has made ice fishing very dangerous. There has been some open water near the shoreline, and that has made it possible for some anglers to catch stocked rainbow trout. For up-to-date ice conditions contact Echo Canyon State Park at 775-962-5103.

Upcoming Fishing Events – Trout in the Classroom New Teacher Training - Attention teachers: NDOW will hold its teacher training for “Trout in the Classroom” on Saturday, Jan. 27. Trout in the Classroom is an in-class incubation program that meets science and other educational standards. For more information about the program and how to participate, contact Ivy Santee at 702-486-5127 X3503 or visit


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