Colorado River Fishing Report

Colorado River

Greg Amyx was using power bait from shore in the Rotary park area.

by Rusty

Its trout, Rainbow trout that is as our striper are just not here as of yet. Not much or no word from Lake Mohave or the topock marsh. I do feel that with our weather warming up some this will bring change. but not to worry our plant sites that are being stocked by the federal willow beach hatchery are producing some great catches. the hatchery will end the socking of trout this month and resume in October. Our local anglers are catching trout up and down the Colorado river here below Davis dam. Our local anglers Elmer Davis and Eric Silletta were fishing from their dock in the big bend area and landed these rainbow trout using night crawlers. while our visiting angler from needles'  area Greg Amyx was using power bait from shore in the Rotary park area. I was able to collect some samples from both catches. these samples are helping with the study of how we are getting the caddis fly population under control. So far the trout are doing a superb job on the caddis fly the midge, the black fly and even the various types of mussels we have here in along the Colorado River. the techniques used by our anglers seems to very through out the day. this means your choice of bait might have to change. Like if yellow power bait is working then no hits change to night crawlers then to maybe a orange power bait. the same goes for you anglers using spinners even the mice tails need to be tried in various colors. A reminder for you practicing catch and release be careful with the fish maybe smash the barb if you don’t have a barbless hook. I hope to hear some news on the striper bite and we should have some catfish in soon. the large mouth bass are either in pre spawn or watching the nest. Hope this helps and again thanks for your support and especially thanks for sharing your catch with all. Now Go Catch A Fish.

Thanks For your Support,
Rusty Riviera Marina
520 Riviera Blvd.
Bullhead City AZ

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