Pyramid Lake Fishing Report

Pyramid Lake - Sutcliffe, NV (Washoe County)

by Pyramid Lake Staff

Despite the weather, fishing has been great over the past week on and off shore. Anglers have been catching a lot of stripers using sardines and lug worms, fishing in coves throughout the lake and also in the canal by the entrance booth. The rip rap in front of the boat shop has also been a good place to catch stripers and bass. Catfish have been biting very well over the past few weeks, also found in coves towards the back of the lake, mainly off chicken liver and anchovies. Bass can still be found along shorelines of the lake and have been a variety of plastic baits and also reaction baits.

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Bass are still bedding all around the lake and can be seen along the shorelines of the lake. Anglers have been catching both Small mouth and Largemouth off of plastic baits and some reaction baits (crank/jerk). Stripers and Catfish have still been biting very well consistently off the shore and in coves on Sardines, lug worms, and night crawlers. Anglers have been heading to coves towards the back end of the lake and catching good...... Read More

Catfish and stripers have still been biting well throughout the lake and off shore, mainly on frozen baits between 20-60ft deep. Stipers have been biting most on sardines, lug worms and nightcrawlers off the rip rap(rocks by boat shop) and along the channel by the entrance booth. Catfish have been biting well in the coves around the lake mainly on chicken liver, sardines, and anchovies. Bass are getting ready to spawn and have been caught all around the lake,...... Read More