Get out in the Mornings and You’ll get Some Fish!

Truckee River

by Matt Koles
(775) 351-6665

Good solid fishing on the Truckee River.  Flows have been bumped up a bit, but not much change since last week.  Get out in the mornings and you’ll get some fish.  Afternoons maybe not so much. It is hot, around 90’ish every afternoon in the Hirsch.  Very nice in the mornings.

About water temps.  Temps will get warm above the outflow of the Little Truckee River.  Tahoe City to Boca.  They will get warm on the Nevada side from say Boomtown on down through Reno and out East.  Above 68 is too warm to fish, period.  Flows from Boca down through Verdi should be good all day.  Carry a thermometer if need be.  We did this video right before the drought in 2014. Still there were schmucks out fishing, even locals and other guides during the extremely low hot water.  You have nothing to worry about this year, just be cool and respect the fish.  If you fish through town in Nevada or out East, get after it in the mornings and you’re fine.  That river has really rebounded down in there. Lots of wild fish in the 12-16″ inch range now.  Keep them healthy y’all.

Your success this time of year if based on reading the fast pocket water and how you move around in the river. If you can do both you will great success.  The fishing can be really good for you.  Tight line nymphing, dry droppers, whatever gets you in those pockets.  Crayfish, stones, caddis. Get rid of the 5-6x and put something on so you will not loose a ton of rigs and you can rope those fish in through the current. I fish 3x and 4x.  You can get some good numbers of fish, and occasionally a toad right now if you play your cards right.

The tight line nymph clinic is sold out. Look for one in August.

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