Still in Great Shape!

Truckee River

by Mountain Hardware & Sports
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Flows on the Truckee River are still in great shape.  Water temperatures have been on the rise with these warmer days.  Best times to fish are the early mornings, with the water temperatures being their coolest due to overnight cooling.  Success is being had nymphing in the faster riffles.  Fish are in these waters because they need the oxygen provided in this type of water.  You can still get some fish by skating your caddis dries, but nymphing are still the best producer.  Steamers are also a good bet in these faster riffles too.  Ask the guys at the shop how to best fish theses, and don't forget about those crayfish patterns. It's busy out there on the water, so give your fellow angler plenty of space and don't crowd them.  Release your trout as quick as possible and try not to handle them if at all possible.  These high temperatures really stress out the fish.  Try and be off the water by noon to help minimize the stress on them.

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