Can’t Wait to Get on that Streamer Fishing Again!

Truckee River

by Matt Koles
(775) 351-6665

Rolling right through August on the Truckee River.
Nights have cooled, but still warm/ hot afternoons.  We may get some highs only in the 70’s this week. Water temp is not too much of an issue these days.  Maybe along the 89 stretch, and downtown Reno, and Nature Conservancy stretch, but that’s about it.  That would be in the afternoons.  The whole river is in great shape, and Fall will be here shortly.
Flows have been good all summer and look good for fall.  This will be the best fall fishing we’ve had coming out of the drought.  I’ll probably start guiding out East on the lower Truckee River in Nevada through the Nature Conservancy in a few weeks.  Mainly I’ve been fishing the CA. side.  Can’t wait to get on that streamer fishing again though down in the desert.
So crayfish, big stones, and caddis and smaller mayflies.  Lots of crayfish molting and lots of baby crays too.  When folks ask why the dry fly fishing is so lousy on the Truckee River, it’s probably the crayfish to blame.  Tofu, or rib eye. There’s a few trout that are vegan, but mostly they’re all paleo.
Not that many people on the river anymore.  Kids are back in school and vacation is over for most people.  Labor Day is coming, then after that its mostly the locals and the more serious anglers out on the river except for weekends.
I’m still going to do an advanced fly fishing clinic. Maybe, I’ll start the Gilligan School of Fly Fishing, ha ha. More to come.

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