Truckee River Fly Fishing Report

Truckee River

by Reno Fly Shop

The Truckee River has really cooled off from our last report.  The River east of the downtown gauge has been starting the day in the high 30’s and only warming to the low 40’s.  This has shut fish down until the afternoon when the water temperatures do warm.  Fish have also migrated into the pools or the very back of runs to conserve energy.  In both of these locations fish are also hugging the bottom.  

European style nymphing can be tough in slower waters, but it will also give you the sensitivity that is needed for winter fishing as the fish are not going to take a fly too aggressively.  We are using indicators more to be able to elongate drifts through slower deeper water.  Streamer action has decreased as well as fish are not willing to move far for quickly moving flies. Look for overcast days to produce strong baetis hatches in the afternoon. Winter time is a great time to get into bigger fish on the surface!

Flies That We Suggest: Perdigon Black #14 and #16, Zebra Midge, Micro May, Tunghead Stonefly, Masked Marauder, Para Baetis, Morrish May Emerger, Hot Cheek, Quill Jig

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