Good Streamer Fishing on the Nevada Side of the River

Truckee River

by Matt Koles
(775) 351-6665

A cold cloudy week on the Truckee River.
Looks like more of the same this week too.  Actually, good for winter fishing.  The clouds seem to keep things warmer.  Like a blanket so to speak over the river.
Good streamer fishing on the Nevada side of the river.  East through the Nature Conservancy we had a couple really good days.  Brown trout are post spawn.  They are hungry and need some protein.  Streamer fishing is an incredibly good way to cover the frog water this time of year.  We get some bigs this time of year.  Flows are still really good for floating the river down East.  If you want a shot at a legit brown trout, this is a good time.  I’m going to do a winter steamer float special. Will post tomorrow.
Not too bad up in California either.  When all the fish move in to a certain type of water they are easy to find.  Much different than summer when they are all spread out.  Making ‘em eat is the key.  Small shit is good if you’re nymphing.  Blue, Chartreuse, weird bright colors on your nymphs will pull them over and get them to eat.  Or put on an egg or worm.  Man up and streamer fish if you don’t want to stare at a bobber.  Trouts like to hang in water about 3-5 feet deep, slow walking pace type of water. Might even see a few riser mid-day.

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