Pretty Good Despite the Cold

Truckee River

by Matt Koles
(775) 351-6665

A cold last few days on the Truckee River.
High’s are struggling to get into the 30’s all over the Truckee/ Reno areas.  With the North wind blowing, it makes it feel much much colder.  Serious man, or lady weather if you go fishing right now. Layer and wear as much shit as you can.
As far as the fishing, well, it’s pretty good despite the cold.  Had a really good streamer day down in the desert with the North wind blowing and ice in the guides.  Big trouts gotta eat, and they eat every day.  Forget looking at the weather and just go fishing.  You’ll never have a perfect day weather wise, never.  Looks to stay cold and warm up mid-week after the 1st.
Flows are great all over the river.  No anchor ice below Boca and down into Nevada.  So pretty good winter fishing conditions.

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