Todays Guest, Landon Mayer

by Reno Fly Shop

Todays guest, Landon Mayer, like many successful people, is many things all at once. He is a guide, an author, fly designer, he is a film maker, and a loving committed husband and parent. And like many successful people this hectic schedule more fuels his desire to create than to consume. He doesn’t have to move about the country presenting and instructing at shows and to clubs on fly fishing and fly tying. Nor does he have to travel around the world to create a new instructional video, magazine article or book for us to enjoy. But we are lucky and better anglers because he does.  It helps that Landon is gifted with what seems like an endless energy source and a burning curiosity to make himself and everyone around him better at what they are doing.
One of Landon’s recent projects was to create a video for novice and expert fly anglers called Mastering the Short Game. This video pulls back the curtain on years of his experience guiding clients and fly fishing around the world. Landon strongly believes that the majority of trout that you will catch will be within 20’ of you. And with the right approach and tactics you will begin to put more numbers and bigger fish into the net.
Landon and his team have put together amazing content and information for us to appreciate this successful approach. You will begin to understand things that you might have been exposed to but lacked the context of fully grasping. This video will break these concepts down in a way that you will most likely, like many of us, want to watch over and over.
In this episode Landon and I are able to breakdown many of the topics that he presents in Mastering the Short Game and how these can work on some your local water. We also get to discuss his perspective on Pyramid Lake and why he feels it is such and amazing opportunity to catch a trophy trout.

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