Southern Nevada Fishing Report

Photo Credit: Courtesy of NDOW

by Nevada Department of Wildlife

LAKE MEAD – Government Wash is producing stripers weighing around 2 pounds. Reports are they are hitting on anchovies and white poppers. Catfish are hitting in the evening on anchovies as well. Black Bass are hitting dark creature baits and crankbaits out of Callville. If one bait or method doesn’t work, try switching it up.

LAKE MOHAVE – Anchovies are enticing stripers at Willow Beach fishing pier. Catfish are taking anchovies out of Willow Beach and Telephone Cove in the south end of the lake. Anglers fishing on the water out of Cottonwood are using various green plastics and spinnerbaits for black bass success.

LAUGHLIN – The river is producing stripers in the casino area down to Big Bend State Park. Most stripers are around 1-2 pounds.  Along the bend anglers are finding black bass hitting plastics and spinnerbaits. Catfish are taking anchovies off the bottom in the Bend.

LAS VEGAS URBAN PONDS – With summer in full force, the fishing action has slowed during the hottest part of the day, but early morning still is looking good for bluegills and catfish. Catfish are taking hotdogs and stinkbaits. Bluegill are taking mealworms and nightcrawlers pieces. Please keep in mind if you are releasing fish to keep the fish in the water and wet as much as possible to avoid stress from the hotter temperatures.

KIRCH WILDLIFE MANAGEMENT AREA – The action around the area has picked up. Trout are hitting on Rainbow PowerBait and various green wet flies.  Bass have been hitting on crankbaits and larger spoons. As temperatures rise, aquatic vegetation becoming a problem on most of the waters.

EAGLE VALLEY RESERVOIR – Trout are hitting night crawlers and sunset and orange PowerBaits in the mornings.  Most action throughout the day has slowed with warmer temperatures. Murky waters are making some of the popular spots on the lake difficult to fish. The bass are hitting worms and crankbait; anglers must catch and release bass through June 30th.  

ECHO CANYON RESERVOIR –Black bass and crappie still hitting on a variety of lures, such as jigs and spinners. Fly fishers are casting a variety of olive flies and buggers. Trout action is good in the early morning before temperatures rise through the day.

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