Doug Busey Eastern Sierra Fish Report

Caples Lake
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Caples Lake Resort

by Doug Busey

Hello fellow anglers, Just returned from a couple weeks a of fishing from our local area to the Rogue River Valley in Oregon. The day we arrived, they had a wild fire that started at 200 acres and by the next day it was over 10,000. Grants pass was smokey and hard to breath, so Renee, my cousin Steve and I ventured to Brookings OR to do some salmon fishing. After 4-5 hours of trolling the ocean, we realized the salmon had moved on. So we did the same. Quickly changed gear and headed to do some cod fishing. After a small time of searching the area, we found the fish and caught our limit of black, blue and a couple ling cod. Headed back to Grant Pass and set up for the next adventure. Renee and I then headed out for Crescent City CA to hook up with our friends Tom and Shelly Blotter from Minden NV. Here Tom and I Took a fishing trip with John Martin, owner of Hardcore Sportfishing. Renee and I had fished with him in the past, John knows the California coast and where to find the fish. After five hours of serious fishing, we headed in with limits of rock cod and big ling cod. Between Tom and myself, we caught over 50 fish that day. If you are ever in the Crescent City area and want to hook up with an angler that can put you on fish, salmon, halibut, tuna or rock fish. Give John at Hardcore Sportfishing a call at 707-696-FISH.  The next day we all ventured to a semi private favorite beach I knew of  to do some surf fishing. After a few hours on the beach we had caught a few dozen perch up to the 3 lb range. Not done yet, we ventured back over to the Rogue Valley to do some steelhead fishing on the Rogue River. When we arrived, the temperatures had gone up to 99 degrees with 60% humidity. Not a good combination for steelhead or salmon fishing. So we all took a boat ride to Hellsgate Canyon on the Rogue River, we went on a jet boat that had three Ford Raptor motors, which equals about 1500 HP. There we were treated to a private dining experience over looking the Rogue River. Which was a good experience when its that hot outside. We then packed up and headed out again to enjoy more adventures. All in all a two weeks fishing adventure I will not forget. Now back in the Carson Valley, lets check out our local fishing area.

SILVER LAKE: The mackinaw action is still doing well for anglers trolling the deeper areas of the lake. I talked with a couple anglers that caught a 10 and a 21 lb mackinaw trout a couple weeks ago trolling Rapalas.

CAPLES LAKE: The lake level is still up and the Mackinaw action has been rated very good for trollers using Rapalas in the deeper areas in front of the marina and by the Woods Creek area. A few nice brown have come out of the era with worms or Powerbait from shore or a boat. The rainbow action has been fair for anglers using blades and worm or Needlefish. Still a lot of bugs in the area and and the fish are hungry. You may have heard about the spring colors up by Winnemucca and Round lake. Looks like they are still there and came out a little later this year, for those that would like to take a hike. The Caples Lake Resort and Marina is open for launching and boat, kayak and stand up paddle board rentals. For me, it's a little to hard to fish off of a paddle board. For more information stop by the Caples Lake Resort and general store.

BLUE LAKES: The lower lake was planted a couple weeks ago by CDFW. The water level is still up and the campgrounds are open to the lower lake only.

RED LAKE: No fishing report have come in for the last few weeks. The algae is getting heavy on the lake and has been a concern for the Alpine Watershed group. They will be monitoring it for the next several months.

CARSON RIVER WEST FORK CALIFORNIA SIDE: The river is low but flowing perfect for fishing. Alpine County has scheduled a plant of 900 lbs of 12" to a few pound rainbows this week. Salmon eggs or Powerbait has been very productive from Hope Valley to Woodfords area. Small silver spinners are also productive in the faster moving areas. For more information stop by Creekside Lodge.

CARSON RIVER EAST FORK CALIFORNIA SIDE: The river is running perfect and the fishing has been very good. Most anglers have been using powerbait, spinners or Thomas Bouyant spoons. Alpine County is scheduled to plant the river this week with 900 lbs of 3/4 to 5 lb rainbows. For more information stop by the Creekside Lodge.

MARKLEEVILLE CREEK: The river is very low and the fish are spread out. You will have to do some hiking to find those deeper pools. But the rewards have been good for those that venture.

SILVER CREEK: Fishing has been good now that the river has calmed down a little. Look for those long stretches that has faster waters and throw a silver and black spinner. For the deeper pools, use salmon peach or green powerbait. Alpine county has schedule a small plant this week for the area.

INDIAN CREEK: The lake has gone down a little and the weeds are thick. The Alpine County Watershed Group tested the lake recently and found a high level of cyanotoxin microcystins  in the water. South Tahoe Public Utility District, who manages the area and lake has placed signs along the lake and area warning visitors to be careful of the water after an extreme algae bloom.  Visitors should not let pets drink the water and do not personally come in con tact with the algae. Anglers can keep any fish caught in the lake, but should wash their catch ( fillets) in clean tap water and dispose of and guts, do not clean your fish on the shore and throw them back in the lake. Clean your fish at home and throw guts in the trash as not to endanger any wildlife that may ingest them. Fishing has been fair for early morning anglers using a long leader and various colors of powerbait.

TOPAZ LAKE: The lake level has been coming down over the last couple weeks. Shore fishing has been fair for early morning anglers using inflated night crawlers or green or rainbow powerbait. Trollers have done well with blades and a worm in 20 to 35 feet of water. Rapalas have been successful in the earlier morning hours. As the sun rises the waters temps go up and the fishing slacks off. I will be testing the waters again this weekend, hope to see you on the lake.

JUNE LAKE AREA: SILVER LAKE: Silver Lake Resort 769)648-7625. Looking at the SLR Fish Report by Andrew catching has been great at Silver helped by a load of Oregons put in last week. Use the methods he suggests and employ the tactics mentioned in this report. Take a look at their fish book in the store and you’ll see numerous Rainbows and Browns up to the 8lb range caught using a variety of methods. Dylan got an 8lb-13oz Brown from shore chucking a nightcrawler and Frank an 8lb-5oz Brown trolling a Thomas Bouyant.

RUSH CREEK: Now that the run-off has subsided Rush is much more fishable. Use salmon eggs and nightcrawlers on an 18” to 24” leader. Thomas Buoyants, Panther Martins, Kastmasters, and Rapalas in deeper runs for lures. Fly folks try streamers, buggers, dries like caddis flies, gnats and mosquitos. Maybe a San Juan Worm with a nymph or egg dropper or try out a Hopper dropper.

GULL LAKE: Gull Lake Marina 760)648-7539. Cameron at the Marina says the bite seems to have slowed after a pretty good rain we had a couple weeks ago. He goes on to say that the fish are there and suggests fishing early and late, be creative, fish all around the boat, and keep moving when on shore or boat. You gotta find the fish cuz they ain’t gonna find you!

JUNE LAKE: June Lake Marina 760)648-7726 and Big Rock Resort 760)648-7717.
Besides the aforementioned methods here’s what a couple of the locals are doing on June with success. Lovejoy at June Lake Marina goes with this: Trolling Taz Devil frog patterns, Speedy Shiner Cop Cars, and Silver and Green Kastmasters 5 colors lead core early and 8 colors mid-day. For baits Pinched Crawlers, Mice Tails and Salmon Peach Powerbait dipped in Garlic Lunker Lotion.
Jose out of Big Rock has recently switched from lead core to downriggers. Either method down 40’ to 45’. He’s out early before sunrise and again late unless it’s windy dragging Taz Devils and his go to Thomas Bouyants Red/Gold and Silver/Blue.

GRANT LAKE: Grant Lake Marina and Campground-No phone. The Marina put in 600lbs of Oregon Rainbows last week. Dan of Dan’s Guide Service chipped in a couple hundred pounds too. These fish are already coming in on stringers. Since the peak of run-off the lake has dropped about 6’. This results in more shoreline coming available to access and causes the fish to move about so they may not be holding where they were yesterday. The guys that troll Grant regularly are out early early when the light is grey down 7 or 8 colors for maybe two hours then the bite tends to shut off. Grant is unique in that the trolling lure types and patterns change during the season sometimes from day to day. Start with Speedy Shiner Cop Cars and Taz Devil Eruption, Black Thunder, and Tinkerbells but be prepared to switch colors and patterns. For a nice evening 3 hour tour give Dan’s Guide Service a call (661-478-0046) to hit the late bite, or for more information  call Ernie's Ski and Tackle shop at 760-648-7756 ask for Knot.

CDFW FISH PLANTS: Mosquito lake upper and lower, Blue lake lower, Alpine Lake.
NDOW FISH PLANTS: Whites Creek, Galena Creek, Thomas Creek, Desert Creek, Marilyns Pond, Carson River east at Ruenstroth bridge, Walker River Wilson Canyon, Lake Tahoe.

Good luck on your next fishing adventure. If you have a question. a report in our local fishing area or have a photo of your catch, send it to [email protected]. Hope to see you on the waters. Good fishin' and tight lines.

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