Truckee River Fishing Report-8-19-19

Truckee River

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Gilligan's Guide Service

by Matt Koles
(775) 351-6665

Much hotter this past week on the Truckee River.

Been about 90’s all week in the Hirsch. Flows have been steady and the fishing is good in the mornings. Summer wants to hold on for a bit longer.

Nice and cool in the mornings, despite the warm afternoons. Fall will be here in a minute. Mainly thinking about that. Mainly thinking about streamer fishing. Less folks out on the river than last month now. Mostly you’ll have the whole river to yourself if you venture away from the couple popular access spots. I’ve been in both states this month and the fishing is good in both. West of Reno has been good. It has to cool down more for the lower river in the Nature Conservancy to get good. Slow when the water is warm.

So get on them with crayfish and stoneflies. We have crayfish molting. We have nocturnal stoneflies hatching. They both can be big. These trout love to gobble on both. Still think caddis, and smaller mayflies as your droppers.

We had a great Tight Line Nymph Clinic this Saturday, or at least I think so. I’ll get some kind of cool 2 day clinic going this fall with my bbq pit master again.

We’re getting closer to cooler weather and good steady fall fishing. Can’t wait. Fun to see the regulars again and get back on the sticks in Nevada.

Been getting asked a lot. When’s the best time to float in Nevada? Well, anytime cause I’m just a good all around guy, but seriously. The last few weeks of October and November are prime, nymphing and streamer fishing. September will be mostly nymphing with big rainbows. But if you really want to stick those big browns it’s usually post spawn- all winter long. Fishing the banks and frog water with streamers.

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