NDOW Southern Fishing Report

The spawning period for razorback suckers is only a few weeks away. Lake Mead is home to perhaps the only recruiting population of razorback sucker. For almost two decades, biologists have monitored razorback suckers in Lake Mead and have located four main areas of the lake where they spawn. Weight, length, and tissue samples for genetic analysis are collected from every razorback sucker captured. Each fish is also implanted with a PIT tag, which is a small chip like microchips used in dogs, that allows us to track their movement and growth. In spring 2019, NDOW sampled a new area of the lake that had physical characteristics similar to the other known spawning areas in hopes of finding a new spawning group or fish that haven’t previously been captured. That effort resulted in NDOW capturing 11 razorback sucker, all fish that had not previously been captured, giving biologists valuable genetic information and potentially locating a new spawning group! This area will be incorporated into the long-term monitoring effort for the species. #RecoverWildlife
Photo Credit: Courtesy of NDOW

by Nevada Department of Wildlife

LAKE MEAD — Striper fishing is good for those anglers willing to brave chilly temperatures in the early mornings and at dusk. If you are looking for live bait, Vegas Wash is the place to net some shad. The stretch from Boulder Harbor to the Hemenway fishing pier has been fishing well. Look for areas where birds are circling and diving; this can be an indicator of where shad is schooling. Striped Bass won’t be far away.

LAKE MOHAVE — Submerged vegetation along the shoreline has made fishing difficult in some places. Anglers are still catching catfish in the coves using anchovies, though some have found success with homemade stink baits. Striper action has slowed on much of the lake. Rainbow Trout action is good following trout plants below Willow Beach.

LAUGHLIN — Striped Bass fishing is good below Davis Dam and near Casino Row but tends to become slower the further south you go. Anchovies are bringing in catfish below the casino area, and there are still some Smallmouth Bass being caught in calmer coves along the river. Stocked Rainbow Trout are dispersed from the dam to Big Bend State Recreation Area. The fish are holding in pockets below the dam, along Casino Row, and around Sunshine Peninsula. These also are good areas to work for stripers.

LAS VEGAS URBAN PONDS – The ponds have been stocked the past 2 weeks. This week will not be a trout stocking week in the urban ponds. Some Anglers are still catching bass out of Floyd Lamb in the late mornings. Catfish are hit or miss biting on worms and stinkbait.

KIRCH WILDLIFE MANAGEMENT AREA – Fishing is slow around the area lately due to thin ice on all the reservoirs.  The WMA requests everyone to use extreme caution when around the area.

EAGLE VALLEY RESERVOIR – The reservoir is covered with 2-3-inches of ice. There is potential for ice fishing. Please always check with the ice before venturing out. The best area for ice fishing is off the fishing dock. Anglers are catching 11 to 13-inch rainbows.

ECHO CANYON RESERVOIR – Though the overnight temperature are dropping below freezing the center of the lake, ranges from open water to thin ice depending on the time of day, while the shoreline is covered with thin ice in the morning and clearing towards the end of the day.

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