Travis Hawks – 2020 State of The Truckee River

Truckee River

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by Reno Fly Shop

EP058: Travis Hawks – 2020 State of The Truckee River

Welcome to season 6 of the Reno Fly Shop Podcast. We felt it fitting to start it off with the 2020 State of the Truckee River with Travis Hawks from the Nevada Department of Wildlife.

This is our 6th State of the Truckee episode presenting the results of the NDOW annual sampling of the Truckee River fishery. We started these recordings (2016) in the middle of a multi year drought and as you will hear in this recording the Truckee River has made a miraculous recovery. Fish populations and composition in many locations are as good or better than ever sampled. As Travis presents, Mother Nature had a great hand in this recovery. We have been fortunate to have several average to above average winters in a row and natural runoff with reservoir releases have kept water in the river almost year around.

In this year’s recording we were able to cover the 2020 sampling results rather quickly and thoroughly, which left us some time to discuss general topics of the condition in the Truckee River watershed. We dive into many topics. One being, the recent episode on this podcast that covered the USFWS efforts to recover/restore the Lahontan Cutthroat Trout into the Truckee River.

Travis gets the opportunity to present his opinions on these topics and respond to several of the possible management scenarios that were presented in that episode. I have provided a button to listen to that episode here if you haven’t had the chance.

It is important to note that while Travis and I discuss our opinions of several management scenarios that were presented in Episode 56. These opinions reflect only the approach and management strategies presented for the Truckee River watershed. Management scenarios that might be challenging or problematic in a river the size of the Truckee are appropriate and can be very effective in other watersheds. We hope that care and responsible review be given to those and all fishery management options.

Finally, in celebration of starting our sixth season of the Reno Fly Shop Podcast and in a way to show our appreciation to all of the listeners we have offered a coupon code for listeners of this podcast. For on month in our online store enter HAWKS2020 at checkout and receive 10% off anything that you purchase. This will only be good for month or until we release our next episode. So have fun and we hope you enjoy these episodes.

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