Calm Before The Storm

Pyramid Lake - Sutcliffe, NV (Washoe County)

Dave Decker from UT admiring this stout lil beast. They are all fired up !!!!!!!!
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Pyramid Lake Fly Co.

by Pyramid Fly Co.

This week we have that ugly high pressure rearing it’s head again, and it’s got all of us wondering when we are gonna get another storm system. These spring weather patterns in the dead of winter aren’t really the best fishing conditions. But as we slide into next week the pattern changes and we have some wind, clouds and low pressure on the horizon. All that being said, big fish don’t get big not eating. Keep those flies in the water and don’t miss those grabs.

This week we have been focusing on the low light hours. With the high sun and 50 degree plus weather the fish have been feeding best while the sun is low on the horizon allowing the fish to feel more comfortable and push in the shallows to feed. This week we have seen a good amount of midges popping. They are still eating the bait fish patterns as well and the strip bite has picked up a bit the last couple weeks. But the bobber still remains king while it allows the flies to remain in the strike zone more often. High sun, calm think small. Small is safe.

I still can’t express how these fish are still spread all over the lake and will remain that way for a bit. Fish are caught at every single beach throughout the week. Flies in the usual natural greens, browns, whites and blacks are great for stripping and hanging leeches under the bobber.

When stripping those flies make sure to give a little pause in between strips to let those floating flies, ie; beetles and boobies rise up in the water column. There’s something about that rise, that really drives fish nuts. When stripping those sink lines make sure you really let them get down. When you think you’re on the bottom give it another 20 seconds. Get those flies down in the strike zone! Water temp is still 46 degrees at 6’ on main lake.

So while this week has been a bit tough we have a bit to look forward to the next few weeks. Low pressure, clouds and some wind to make these ginormous predators comfortable to slide into the shallows and feed.

As we slide further into January and closer to February our favorite Pilot peaks are going to frequent the shallows more often in numbers to fatten up before the slide into spawn. So if large trophy cutthroat are up you’re alley look no further.

Pyramid lake offers wild Mars desert scenery with the world’s largest Cutthroat trout. Give us a ring and gone on out. After all, you can’t catch em from the couch.

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