Decent River Fishing on The Truckee

Truckee River

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Gilligans Guide Service

by Matt Koles
(775) 351-6665

Decent Winter fishing on the Truckee River.

Be nice to get some storms rolling through. Mild weather now, maybe next week, fingers crossed.

When I say decent, I mean, we’re getting some fish. I do a lot of streamer fishing, winter -spring. If you seize your moment and strip set, you’ll have a good day. If you don’t, you’ll think the fishing sucks, though you missed the grabs. When you get chances on this river streamer fishing, seize it.  They’re usually exceptional fish. If you get lots of chances, you should feel like your team got in the playoffs. It’s up to you to get the ring. I hear this a lot at the end of the day. “When’s the best streamer fishing” Well, you just had good streamer fishing, you had 5 grabs today, but you didn’t strip set. If you come from the trout set, which is almost everyone, it’s hard to get the muscle memory to strip set. Like everything in life, it takes practice.

On the dry fly front- it’s just getting going out East on the lower river. Not great yet, but some heads and bugs starting. Lots of people out looking for it too.

So, hope for some rain and snow. Flows are not bad right now, but we need some snow.

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