Truckee River Report

Truckee River

by Reno Fly Shop

The Truckee River flows have increased a little since the last report, 600 Cfs through the downtown gauge. River temps have dropped to sub 50 degrees with the recent storms. This has put fish off the bite, but with a normal warmer pattern moving in for the rest of the week river temps will come up again quickly. Fish have been in faster water, we are struggling to find fish in slow water. ESN has been crucial with the higher flows and the fish holding in faster water. 

Keep an eye out for spawning trout as we have seen a lot of rainbows starting to do their thing. Please make sure to leave the beds and spawning fish alone. That being said, pegging beads has been effective as have most mayfly nymphs in a size 16-12. There are a lot of March brown mayflies, blue winged olive Mayflies and some PMD mayflies in the system. Larger stoneflies are no longer present in number in the river and we are a few weeks away from the little yellow sallies. We have been fishing streamers with some success, specially ESN jigged streamers in olive. 

Truckee River Flies We Suggest: Carot, Perdigon, Assassin, Quill Jig, Spanish Bullet, Truckee River Dozen

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