NDOW Southern Fishing Report

by Nevada Department of Wildlife


Trout continue to take PowerBait in rainbow or green with glitter and night crawlers fished below a bobber. Fly-fishers found good action over the holiday weekend near sunset along the dam. Trout and bass are hitting flies on the surface. Among those are emerging dragonflies and damselflies. Bass are taking soft plastic and spinnerbaits. Small crappies have been hitting off the dam as well.


Aquatic vegetation continues to be a problem for shore anglers and water levels remain low. However, boaters continue to do well for rainbow trout, and bass are hitting soft plastics in green or brown. Both species are most active during the morning hours.


Fishing off the bottom with anchovy pieces is bringing stripers as large as 5 pounds and catfish in the 3-pound range. Striper boils are popping up in the late afternoon across the Boulder Basin and in the Overton Arm. Black bass are hitting on plastic worms, also in the Overton Arm. Anglers are finding the best action in the early mornings and at sunset.


Anglers saw good action over the holiday weekend. With light winds, anglers caught stripers, black bass, and rainbow trout. Trout are hitting worms and PowerBait at Willow Beach. The fish are holding near the bottom where temperatures are the coldest. Stripers are cruising up and down the river about 40 feet from shore, giving kayaks and boaters some of the best opportunities. Anchovies and swimbaits will bring in stripers and catfish. Black bass are hanging out in the shadows of aquatic vegetation and rocky drop offs around Cottonwood Cove.


Catfish are biting on anchovies and chicken-liver bait near the state line.  Look for catfish and stripers just above the cattails. Stripers also are biting from below Davis Dam through Casino Row. Use plastics for largemouth bass along submerged shelves.


Area reservoirs continue to produce bass and crappies. Adams-McGill and Dacey are still providing action for trout anglers those using spinners and flies. Black bullhead catfish are biting worms right off the bottom at Adams-McGill Reservoir. Seasonal aquatic-vegetation growth has been making shore fishing difficult in some areas.


Sunfish action continues to be good in most of the ponds with the fish taking mealworms and chunks of night crawlers. The best action takes place during the morning hours before daytime temperatures reach triple digits. Catfish plants are on hold until late August when daytime temperatures begin to drop.


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