Fishing has changed quite a bit out at the lake

Pyramid Lake - Sutcliffe, NV (Washoe County)

Photo Credit: Reno Fly Shop

by Reno Fly Shop

Fishing has changed quite a bit out at the lake. We are seeing the typical transition the LCT make every year where they begin to focus heavily on midges and begin to make their way into shallow water to feed. With the high pressure and blue-bird weather, fishing has been inconsistent. Some days have great numbers, others are producing few fish but good quality, and still others are producing zero fish. 

When the cutthroat get shallow like they do this time of year they tend into one of two personality types. The first personality is the cruiser. This fish will swim along the drop off opportunistically picking off food. The second personality is the chaser. This fish is on the hunt looking to pounce on whatever moves. We will fish under an indicator with two midges for the cruiser, anywhere from 4-9 feet down, tending more towards the down side than deep. For the chaser, we will strip sinking lines with boobies and burgers. We tend to fish a light colored booby fly and a dark bugger or a dark booby and dark bugger. Strip speed can make or break your day for these chasing fish. Don’t get stuck using only one way. Experiment with your retrieve until you find the correct timing. 

Pyramid Lake Flies we Suggest: Holographic Midge, 49er Pyramid Lake Fly Selection, Boobies Spanish Olive, Cat Whisker, Dark Lord, Pyramid Lake Beetle, Midnight Cowboy, Martini Olive

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