Wild Horse has been good this week with fly rodders reporting good fishing

Wild Horse Reservoir - Owyhee, NV (Elko County)

by Nevada Department of Wildlife

The Horse is ice free and fishing has been good this week with fly rodders reporting good fishing.  No reports from spin or bait anglers.  Those who have a boat will find that the west side of the lake has been producing fish averaging 14 to 18 inches with an occasional 20 incher caught.  Generally this time of year fishing in the coves provides better success.  Fly fishermen have been having good luck with wine colored leech patterns as well as wine or red chironomids with silver wire and a silver bead.  Olive leeches and buggers have produced a few fish as well.  For bait anglers try fishing an inflated worm a few feet off the bottom using a slip sinker in water that is four to 10 feet deep.  Don’t fish it too far from the bank, 20 to 30 feet at most. Another option would be to roll some PowerBait to make a bell shape and fish it in a similar fashion to the inflated worm using a slip sinker and it will float up a couple of feet above the bottom.  Make sure to dip the PowerBait in the water for a few seconds after it is on the hook to “gel” it up so it doesn’t come off the hook when casting.