Large Lahontans In the Shallows

Pyramid Lake - Sutcliffe, NV (Washoe County)

Cecilia with a gorgeous sunrise fish, so worth it.
Photo Credit: Pyramid Fly Co.

by Pyramid Fly Co.

What a week we’ve had, the weather has gone through all four seasons in 7 days. The fish were as moody as the weather, it wasn’t if they were going to bite, it was when. However, with that said, the weather has pushed the fish to the shorelines and they are ready to party.

Great catches of numbers and size have been made all through the week. The Tribal Hatchery has turned on the water so they can spawn the fish to keep producing the trophy’s Pyramid is known for.

Where to fish ? South Nets and all the way North to Windless Cove, with this said though, Popcorn and Warrior shouldn’t be overlooked. I go down just to keep the fish honest. There’s some darn big fish there.

Surface water temp is currently “4.10.22 @ 1015 hrs” in 2.5 FOW 51.1 - at 5’ the water temp is 47.9 degrees. Water temp at 5’ should reach 50 by 1500 hrs as the day warms up.
How to catch em ? Double midges “wine and tiger colored midges in sizes 10-14, 4’-9’ under the indicator depending upon where you fish. When the fish seem a lil tougher to grab our offerings we are also stripping midges without an indicator “No-Catoring” with good results.

Stripping the ol trusty White and Chartreuse Popcorn Beetle has been by far the #1 stripping fly. If your going to strip 2 flies you can use another beetle or midnight cowboy wooly worm.
For the on shore conventional tackle users a 1/4 ounce marabou jig in Chartruese and White or Carolina Rigging a 3’ leader with a popcorn beetle has been bending rods. “We don’t hate”, we like to see everyone have fun.

Keep your flies in the water and don’t miss your takes or grabs.

April is a month that dreams are made of, I have to laugh as I imagine how crazy the fishing might get in the weeks to come. Are you ready ?

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