Flows are still decreasing slightly on the Truckee River

Truckee River

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Water Conditions

Flows are still decreasing slightly on the Truckee River. Water levels are low from Tahoe City to Boca Reservoir, but the color remains clear. With the heat wave the area will see this weekend, water temperatures could be warm during the day, so it is recommended to fish in the evenings and mornings until things cool down. The flows from Tahoe City are 72 CFS, Glenshire area is 73 CFS, and the stateline area is 503 CFS.

Tips for the Week

Anglers looking for larger fish should really try fishing with crayfish and hoppers in the mornings before the sun gets on the water. A lot of the larger trout will still be actively feeding from the cool nights. Because of the low flows in some areas, sight fishing is possible but the fish are spooked easily. Any angler looking to dry fly fish should try in the evening for the best success. The caddis hatch in the evening is still doing good.

Suggested Flies or Lures

Near Nuff Crawdads, Creek Crawler Crays, White X Caddis, Henry’s Fork Caddis, or The Missing Link caddis