Surface water temperatures have dropped into the mid 50’s

South Fork Reservoir - Elko, NV (Elko County)

by Nevada Department of Wildlife

Surface water temperatures have dropped into the mid 50’s and the water is clearing nicely from the summer load of algae.  There is still a bit of suspended algae in the middle and east side of the lake. Fishing for bass is slow with the cooler water temperatures.  If targeting bass, look for structure along shorelines that get lots of sun and fish very slow presentations though don’t expect much success.  However, while fewer bass are caught this time of year, they are often larger than average.  Crawdad imitations are good for bass this time of year.  Fishing has been good for 15-to 20-inch trout for spin, bait and fly rodders from boats and float tubes as well as for shore anglers. Shore anglers are reporting good success along the northern shores of the lake and along Jet Ski Beach. Wiper fishing has been good for those anglers that know how to target them.  The key to wipers is covering a lot of open water away from shore until you find a school of them. Wipers like minnow imitations and crankbaits.  Fly fishermen report that fishing for trout has been good using a sinking line with buggers or leeches.  Black or red snow cones with white beads and contrasting red or black wire ribbing, fished under an indicator are also working. Flashback pheasant tail nymphs, red copper Johns, hares ears and scud patterns along the weed bed edges should produce fish as well.  As the aquatic vegetation dies off with the colder water and shorter days, leeches and scuds are being expelled looking for new homes.  Fish leech and scud patterns along the dying vegetation, especially at the south end of the lake.  Spin fishermen have had good luck from shore using rainbow trout colored rooster tails, small spoons and minnow imitations.  Boaters will do well trolling these same patterns as well as flashers tipped with worms. The limit is one black bass and one white bass hybrid with a minimum size of 15 inches and five trout with no minimum size.

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for Monday, October 17th, 2022

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