Cold on the Truckee River

Truckee River

by Matt Koles
(775) 351-6665

Cold on the Truckee River.

Pretty much summed up the week. Very cold lows in Truckee, and Reno. Been in the negatives most mornings here in Hirschdale. Just barely warming up to fishable temps. Reno has been much more fishable, especially out East on the lower river.

We’ll have a few days of warmth, then cold for the beginning of next week. It should warm back up again mid-week. Still lots of snow, and access ain’t that easy on the CA side. Reno side is much better access wise.

Flows have lowered back down to kinda low and clear here in CA. No water coming out of Boca. Boca is filling up pretty good, and I imagine releases will resume soon. They’ll be a lot of snow melting this spring and they’ll need to make some room. A lot of snow is an understatement. Ton of snow I should say.

The dry fly fishing is just getting going down through the Nature Conservancy in Nevada. Can get real good in there if there’s a little overcast. A boat helps, but you can find some good zones wade fishing as well.

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