The river has really shaped up in the last 2 weeks

Truckee River

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The river has really shaped up in the last 2 weeks, and the Truckee is fishing in its true form. We would typically be approaching the dog days of summer by this point, but this year has been quite a bit different, and only now are we starting to see typical conditions for our river. It seems to be a safe prediction that the Truckee won’t be seeing the issues of warm or low water at any point this year and there should be some great fishing opportunities from here all the way through fall.

As flows settle and water temps warm, we have seen the trout moving more into the riffles. This is typical water for this time of year and anglers should put a heavy focus on nymphing riffles and pocket water. Try using a smaller offering imitating PMD, caddis, green drake, or yellow sally. This will be the best way to find fish right now. The increasingly clear water has made the attractor nymphs we’ve been fishing all spring a bit less effective. Be observant on the water. If you see a hatch coming off, switch to a fly that will match. 

aDuring a hatch, fish will often key in on the emergers and feed mid water column. Soft hackles and emerger imitations will produce subsurface. Streamer fishing has improved throughout the system. The best runs to swing a streamer are dropping into perfect condition right now. If looking for a streamer bite, think low light hours. If you’re a streamer junkie, fishing the lower river near Sparks is a great option right now. With colder than average air temps and thunderstorms passing over most of last week, the water temps remain cool even in the lower river. Subsequently the fishing is good all day, although the mornings and evenings may offer the best bite. During the low light hours, fish will move from their hiding spots and into the tail outs where they can be found feeding on emerging caddis or ambushing baitfish.

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