The East is running about 577 right now

East Walker River

by Kens Sporting Goods Staff

The East is running about 577 right now, as in past weeks we’ve had some pretty good reports from down there, there’s not a lot of anglers braving the high water but the ones who are are having some success with both nymphs and streamers. The flows are still too high for most anglers and we wouldn’t recommend doing too much wading, this situation does limit the “fishable” water so even though there’s not many anglers on the river sometimes it seems crowded. The key is to search out the softer water that you can cast to, in these soft spots there will very likely be some good fish hanging out. Some patterns to try include: sculpzilla, dead drift crayfish, Dali lama, zuddler, perdigon nymph, hare’s ear, stonefly nymphs and various caddis nymph patterns.          

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