The river is still fishing well and it’s no surprise

Truckee River

by Trout Creek Outfitters
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What more can we say, the river is still fishing well and it’s no surprise. There has been little-to-no change in the flows this week and the upper river along town remains low at 125 CFS near Glenshire Bridge. However, with big releases coming out of Boca and cold water flowing in from the creeks downstream, the gauge at Farad continues to read 600 CFS. These are excellent conditions for this time of year. The stability of flows combined with the downward trending temps means that we should see great mid-day fishing. We expect to see improved streamer fishing over the next few weeks, especially with some clouds in the weather forecast and a cooling trend. Bug selection remains much the same this week, and PMD’s remain the most active and consistent. Caddis have been present in the afternoons, and on some of the slow glides along the river, this can make for a good dry fly bite late evening and into dusk. Yellow sallies have tapered off, and the golden stones never really seemed to make a big presence this year. Over the next few weeks, expect to see some of the large bugs of fall begin to show, with some reports on October caddis pupa present in the system, as well as some nocturnal stones. Crawdads are also a great option for the cooler months of fall as the big browns look to take on more calories coming into their spawn. The fish continue to mostly hold in the faster riffles and pocket water this week, except towards the evening when they will also slink back and casually sip caddisflies. We expect to find more fish transitioning to a bit slower water in a few more weeks as temps begin to drop. 

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