The bite from the shore is slowly starting to pick up

Pyramid Lake - Sutcliffe, NV (Washoe County)

by Pyramid Lake

The bite from the shore is slowly starting to pick up. However, we expect the bite to really switch on in the weeks to come as the Truckee dumps ever colder water into the lake. November is historically a great month to fish Pyramid Lake. Relatively mild air temperatures and productive fishing make it one of our favorite times to be out there. Pretty soon the water will be too cold for a float tube. However, this next week should be a great time to back-troll streamers along the sandy beaches and drop offs from tubes and kayaks.
Please keep an eye on the weather, as the conditions can change rapidly throughout the course of the day. Stripping streamers and beetles will be effective in the weeks to come, as well as hanging leeches under the indicator. If you’ve been waiting to get out to the lake, it’s about time to gear up and head out there. If you’re new to Pyramid, check out our gear guide for fall 2023. You’ll find some useful tips on how to set up for fishing the lake this season.

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